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For the first time in history, browse Dzongkha website, chat in Dzongkha and Compute in Dzongkha. Everything in Dzongkha.


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What is Dzongkha Linux?

Dzongkha_Linux is a locally adapted version of the free Linux operating system which integrates full support for Dzongkha computing. It features fully translated user interfaces and provides support for computing in Dzongkha. That is, all fundamental activities like word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, emailing, web browsing, chatting etc. can all be carried out in Dzongkha.

  • Dzongkha linux is a modern and modular Linux system that can be run directly from the CD and optionally be installed onto your Hard Disk.
  • Dzongkha linux has been designed/developed by focusing on our people's need.
  • Dzongkha linux is based on Debian and Morphix, which means it takes advantages of their best features and adds its own modern development tools.



Using Dzongkha Linux

  • Insert the Dzongkha linux Live CD on the CD-ROM/DVD drive on your computer and boot up the system. Dzongkha Linux will be started. If necessary configure your BIOS to boot up via the CD-ROM drive.
  • Dzongha linux can be started in English or Dzongkha by means of choosing the appropriate language on the boot menu.
  • If desired Dzongkha Linux can be installed on your Hard Disk fast and easily. Execute the option Hard Disk Install via Desktop Menu

Why did we choose Linux?

  • Free operating systems like Linux have several advantages for developing countries. Most software packages today are developed in the west and then sold in developing countries where the parameters of affordability are completely different. This problem does not arise with Linux because it is free.
  • The openness of Linux allows local linguistic groups to customise user interfaces in ways that are far more culturally sensitive than any centrally controlled approach. We therefore believe that Linux is a very attractive long-term solution to Bhutan's computing needs. We chose Linux over other free/open Operating System because of the popularity of the platform with developers.

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